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Ride Responsibly

Photo of some people on ATVs riding responsibly on an approved road.You are in control because it's about:

Your Land.   Off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding is a great way to enjoy your public lands. But, when ridden irresponsibly, OHVs can impact the wonderful natural resources we all value. Although cross-country travel is appropriate for sand dunes, illegal cross-country travel or riding off designated trails can increase soil erosion, ignite wildfire if vehicles are not equipped with a spark arrester, spread noxious weeds, and fragment wildlife habitat. Desert ecosystems are especially fragile. OHV riders need to do their part to help protect our desert areas. Click here to learn more about the lands you are riding on.

Your Safety.  The improper or careless use of OHVs can be unsafe. OHV users should follow manufacturer guidelines for proper use. Children should ride on age-appropriate vehicles. Wear your helmet and ride safely. Click here for safety tips.

Image of a sign that reads, "Please stay on the Trail: Switchback Shortcutting Destroys the Vegetation.Your OHV Future.   New generation OHVs can be powerful machines. If misused, OHV access to public land could be affected. Use your power responsibly. Stay on trails. Respect private property. The future of OHV recreation is in your hands, and your actions will make a difference. Volunteer with local OHV or environmental groups, learn more about how to protect your right to ride, and teach other riders to user their powers responsibly. Visit these sites to learn how OHV/recreational clubs, environmental groups, and others contribute towards the sustainability of local OHV routes:

Your Awareness.   Staying on designated trails, roads, and areas can help protect our fragile high-desert terrains, wet meadow areas, hillsides, and riparian areas. Thanks for doing your part.

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 graphic: right-arrow     Where: OHV trail riding opportunities throughout Nevada (also includes the Bridgeport Ranger District in the Eastern Sierra in California, because it's part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest)
 graphic: right-arrow     Hunt: How to use your OHV during hunting season
 graphic: right-arrow     OHV Links: OHV Recreation Web Links
 graphic: right-arrow     Register: OHV registration is not currently required, although recent legislation was passed in the state of Nevada
 graphic: right-arrow     Newsroom: Radio Ad Campaign Reminds Visitors to Stay on Trails & Use Their Power Responsibly, September 21, 2009

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